“A bunch of friends decided to take on the Amalfi coast and Greek Islands for the June holiday. This was my first trip to Europe and I could not have asked for a more breathtaking location.”

Elan and I traveled up a week after official holiday break started and landed in Rome on a sweltering day. I’m pretty sure that somewhere in my common sense, it would have occurred to me to do some research about the destinations, but I loved having no expectations. 

We met up with Dan Carter at Naples airport later the morning and a rental car later, we were on our way to the Amalfi Coast! Finding ourselves on winding roads, overladen with trucks, many scooters and some heavily dented cars, we soon realised that Italian driving, is a skill on its own. Our mantra to keep us sane was “Right is right” and by some miracle, we made it to our Airbnb without a scratch. 

We stayed in Casa Salverio, owned and run by a small family of three welcoming Italians. Salverio’s mother baked us a jam tart and provided us with fruit from their bountiful garden and wines from their small vineyard. The airbnb was absolutely magical, with breathtaking views and spotless facilities, more than enough room for the entire group. 

“At this point I must add, that there is no way anyone can brace themselves for the average of 600 steps we climbed per day, there are no escalators or elevators and definitely not enough shade for moments when you need to stop because you are so out of breath.”

Our first Must See spot was the Furore Bridge (so loved that Instagram puts hearts either side of the location tag). Having never delt with a beach of pebbles, it was amusing to see us cringe our way to the magnificent blue water, barefoot. We spent the entire day on this beach, choosing to drive down to Amalfi town in the evening for what would become the addiction of the trip: Lemon Sorbet. 

The next day we got a late start to the morning and arrived at Positano around noon, blown away by the picturesque town, it was everything all the images on social media promised to be and more. Of all the destinations on this trip, this would be the priciest of them all. Know that parking should be a separate budget entirely, should you be renting a car. I believe scooters had it much easier in this regard. 

We spent the day on the beach of Positano, Elan soon grabbing his diving goggles and disappearing underwater. Dan went on a scouting mission for a sunset spot and we met up with him just before sundown for cocktails and then dinner. Here Elan took one of my favourite photos of this trip. 

The next day was to be the final day of Amalfi, with half the group heading back home and the other half leaving for Greece. We made an early morning of Furore Bridge again, for photo opportunities we had in mind and then head off to the airport. 

Amalfi Coast was so beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone who loves gardens that look like giant steps, warm hospitality amongst the local families and the good food Italy has to offer! 

A big shout out to Dan, for the photographs of us two together -for his video on this short visit, follow this link here.
With us, we also had fitness blogger Carla West – I would recommend checking out her blog too.

Next stop: Athens!