It’s a not so well kept secret.

More commonly known as The Secret Gin Bar, this little Italian-courtyard-style bar is hidden away behind Honest Chocolate Cafe, on Wale Street. At first, you are likely to find yourself wondering if it is the right place, since the door may be closed, but that is often because of Cape Town wind and someone should open up for you pretty quickly. Once you walk through the empty coffee shop, you will find yourself in a open courtyard with a shoebox-sized bar inside.

Exclusively serving gin, with a variety of over 40 locally crafted names, it is quite possible to lose time trying out what the bar has to offer. With some creepy history, like being the embalming room of a mortuary for 65 years, they added this piece of character into their menu design, rather than hide it. Every week the bar hosts a gin – a strong favourite being Bloedlemoen.

Elan and I spent our early evening in the courtyard, the sun had not quite set, so we did not get to see the fairy lights, but we did have amazing cocktails. With Gin hailing from all over the world, it is one of my favourite things to ask the bartenders for their recommended drink. Many will ask if you have preference to certain flavours or combinations, but most will surprise you with the creative freedom you have given them. A tip? The pink tonic is really good.

It’s hard to find the words to paint an experience, so here follows a photo diary of the evening we had.

Photography by: Mint Tea Photo

Shoes:GucciCotton On
Dress: ZARA
Suit: H&M