My friend Dan Carter was approached by a new Banking App company to plan out an epic 4 day road trip through Europe. He called me up asking whether I would be in town for his suggested dates, and I said “well I sure can be!”. So I booked a flight to Zurich, and a week later we had begun our road trip! Starting in Zurich airport, heading straight to Austria, then to Italy and finishing off back in Zurich.

After our fruitful snow missions in the Alps of Austria, we were really determined to make Italy a great stop on our photo adventure. Dan had read up about this lake in South Tyrol, which was said to have a paddle boat which you can take out on the water. We set our GPS for Lago di Braies and we were on our way.

Four hours later, we had arrived at the lake to find that everything was closed and no one was around (including the boat). Nonetheless, we were greeted with incredible mountain reflection over the really beautifully vast lake.

 Seeing as there was, we were still determined to get some photos out on the water. I managed to find a somewhat of a raft that was tied to a big rock. I found a nice big branch and decided to take the risk and go out on the water on the raft! I somehow managed to keep dry and we got some really epic photos!

Satisfied with our day, we headed to our hotel for the next two evenings, hotel Schwarzmeid where we enjoyed the view from our balcony looking over the vineyards and the indoor poolside.

The next morning after breakfast, we set off for the day into the Dolomites National Park, a mountainous region in Bolzano. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, so no mountains were actually seen, ha! But lucky for us, on our descent from the Dolomites pass, we spotted a beyond epic frozen lake! Usually these kind of location visits involved a ton of research on Instagram to find the hidden gems, but this time we literally just came up on it.
Extremely chuffed with ourselves, we headed back to our hotel for the night and got ready for our trip back to Zurich the next morning.

Photos by myself and @dancartertc