Best for: Chilled environment, friendly and accommodating staff
Wifi: Browsing, not streaming

Location: 37 Van Syl Street, Strand
Contact: (021) 854 6408
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 – 16:00, Saturdays: 7:30 – 13:00, Sundays: Closed
Child Friendly: No

Social Media: Instagram @pajamasandjameatery

Located in the industrial area of Strand, sharing space with an Antique Store and costume hiring facility, Pajamas & Jam Eatery has become a local favourite, offering fresh bakes daily and a menu that caters to people across all diets and health restrictions. You will find smoothies, fresh juices, coffee, light meals and proper lunches, along with the Special of the Day and fresh bakes (I would recommend going with a properly empty stomach). The food is pricy, but quality and attention to detail is what you pay for. I find the Farm to Table expression suits this establishment wonderfully, with fresh produce not only being used in the dishes, but for sale as an option too, keeping to seasonal availability. This eatery does not claim to have high coffee standards, but the barista’s are wonderful and serve the loveliest cappuccinos and my favourite, red cappuccinos.

Run by a lovely group of ladies, the air is lively and the staff have been working there since the opening of the eatery and are well trained. It is a good space to have a quick coffee, catch up with friends, have a meal or have a comfortable space to work from.

It has often been joked that I am a permanent resident at this fine establishment, and with good reason – it is the best! I would highly recommend it to anyone finding themselves in Somerset West/Strand area.