“A bunch of friends decided to take on the Amalfi coast and Greek Islands for the June holiday. This was my first trip to Europe and I could not have asked for a more breathtaking location.”

Rome was a one-day stop over on the way back home, and the only destination Elan and I were alone. We slept and caught up on some work, while waiting for the midday heat to dissipate, before going to see the renown architecture of this ancient city.

We ate deep-fried rice balls, ran into cart horses that tried to nibble at Elan, visited the RED Valentino store, the Trevi Fountain (not under construction for once), the Colosseum and did plenty of people-watching the kaleidoscope of tourists we found ourselves seeing. Having grown fond of cooling off via Quadbike-travel or dipping into the ocean, we struggled a bit with the sweltering temperatures, but we at least found an ice-cream parlour on our route of tram hopping. (Hands-down my treat for behaving in the excessive heat)

Europe was amazing, everything and more than I could imagine. It is important that you have people with you who you can lug a 16kg bag uphill with, and not want to do each other bodily harm afterwards. To Elan – another adventure where many memories were made and photo’s only dreamt of, were taken. Here is to many more like these!